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Handling the fears of loneliness with London Escorts

Believing in the impossible was what my parent always tell me since I was a young kid. They tried their best to prepare me for the future, but nothing could make me for the thing that happened to them. At the age of twenty-five, both of my parents passed away from this world. They left […]

What is Fisting according to the girls at Tottenham Court Road Escorts

  Fisting, otherwise referred to fist fucking or handballing, simply refers to a sexual activity whereby the users inserts their hand and/or arm into the vagina or perhaps the rectum to derive sexual pleasure according to the girls at Tottenham Court Road Escorts from While it may seem like a simple sexual technique, it […]

Biggest mistake to cheat with a Watford escort

Part of human nature is committing a mistake. Well, there is no perfect and all of us made mistakes. Perhaps, a decision, a simple work, and many more. You cannot expect someone to be perfect all the time. There is no constant in this world, and just like the season, people change. We always want […]

What are single women after?

Most of the girls that I date at Hammersmith escorts in are single girls, and I have to admit that they are totally different from other girls that I have met with at other escort agencies in London. First of all, they are dead sexy, and number two, they seem to be very independent. At first […]

How to find a perfect Northolt escort

Many people now hired Northolt escort to accompany them in their different engagements. I had heard about that when I was still a kid since my father is constant booking a Northolt escort. We have a broken family since my mother cheated on my father, she leaves us because of her man. I stayed with […]

London Escorts How do I get him or her to like me?

During my dates at London Escorts many of my clients guys and girls asked me this question, and there is only one answer I could give then and I’m sorry, but the real answer is, you can’t. You can’t force somebody to like you, just like how I can’t force my friends to like my […]

I am a bit too colourful to be a London escort

My friend Sara works for the most prestigious London escorts service and she does really well. I would love to have the same opportunity as Sara, but the guy who runs the London escorts service she works for, says that I am a bit too colourful to work for his London escorts service. I know […]

What every escort thinks about their clients

I have been dating with London escorts from the best London escort agency for some time now, and I love it. A lot of my dates ask me what I think about them. Needless to say, I do have an opinion about most of the gents that I meet at London escorts, but I do […]